This is how your nervous system is set up in your body !
Function: Why We Need a Nervous System

We all need our nervous system. Without the nervous system you could not be able to talk to family or friends. Also you could not be able to do things that you like to do for example: Sports, hanging out with friends, ect. The 5 scenes help the brain know what’s going on around you.

Most Important Organ of the Nervous System

The brain controls your nerves. The brain allows you to learn, create, and remember. If you touch a hot iron your hand will react. Your brain will send messages to your body. These messages help you sence your fears. The main parts in the brain are the cerebellum, spinal cord, and the brain stem.
This is the spinal cord !

Other Systems that work with the Nervous System

My system works with other systems. The main function of the nervous system is sending signals to the brain. It works with the respiratory system by telling you how much air to breathe in. It works with the circulatory system. By telling how fast or how slow to make your heart beat. The N.S works with digestive
System by sending signals to your brain.

Health Problems and How to keep you Nervous System Healthy

A couple of examples that you can do to keep the nervous system health are to exercise, and stay healthy. Heath problems that can occur that can damage your nervous system is not wearing a helmet, doing drugs, and drinking alcohol. Here is my web. Here is my Bibliography.