The Nervous System


Without the nervous system our lives would be completely different and dangerous. The nervous system has a lot of different functions. The main functions are to sense with the sensory neurons and send signals to the brain going up and down the spinal chord. When you see a baseball flying
A Picture Of Neurons
towards your head, you move. Now if you don’t move and the baseball hits you, your nerves send a signal to your brain letting you know what you felt. The body uses the nervous system to move information from one place to another, and your muscles and organs tell you how to respond. The nervous system lets you sense things. It tells you how to work, and what you felt. Watch a video about how the nervous system works!

here is my nervous system

Have you ever wondered why your foot falls asleep?

When you sit on your foot, you temporarily compress, or squash, the nerves in that area. These nerves can't send messages back to the brain normally, and so for the moment, the connection is cut off and you don't feel anything. It's kind of like a phone call where your friend hangs up and you haven't yet: Your brain is saying "hello," but your foot isn't able to answer.

After you stand up or uncross your legs and the nerves are no longer compressed, the feeling in your foot soon comes back. It might feel a bit tingly as this happens, like pins and needles or even a bit painful. But it only lasts a few seconds as the connection returns to normal, and it won't hurt your body.


The main organ of the nervous system is the brain. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to think, hear, see, or learn. The brain is made up of a soft tissue, and it’s cushioned by blood and spinal fluid. When someone gets a blow to their head or hits something very hard, the brain suddenly shifts inside the skull and can knock against the skull’s bony surface. It can cause a concussion, which is a temporary change in the way the brain works when it is suddenly
A Diagram Of The Nervous System
moved or jarred in this way. The memory in your brain allows you to form habits, so you can think something else while you tie your shoe. Babies happen to reach out for things with one hand, and this one hand is the favorite fist. It is called the precision grip, and it means one of your hands and sides specializes in tasks that need special coordination.

Other Systems My System Works With

The nervous system has mostly one function, and that function is sending messages through the body. It works with the digestive system by sending signals to the brain letting you know when you’re hungry or full. The nervous system works with the circulatory system by sending signals to the heart letting you know how fast or slow the heart should beat. It works with the muscular systems by sending a signal to contract. This contraction causes the muscle to pull the bone and make it bend. The nervous system works with the immune system by telling it to fight off diseases, and the nervous system also works with the endocrine system by sending messages to the brain telling it to release hormones. That’s how all the other systems works with my system!


Health in the nervous system is very important. If it weren’t healthy, the nervous system would fall apart. The back of your head sends a signal to your brain telling your F cells to trigger a fever. If any viruses harm your body the nervous system sends a signal to your immune system telling you to fight them off. Heres my bibliographyHere is my web