Muscular System

Did you know that you have three types of muscles, Smooth, Cardiac, Skeletal system. Your cardiac muscle is called involuntary muscle, is a muscle that you can’t control. Skeletal is the only muscle that you can control because; you can control your movement in your bones. All humans have more than 600 bones in your body. You move a lot of parts in your body and your hands are one of those parts. You have your muscles to help you move your body and to help you smile.


In the Muscular system you have three types of organs.

Skeletal muscle, which allows you to move your muscles. Cardiac muscle which is involuntary muscle because, you cant make your heart stop. Smooth muscle it’s an involuntary because , you cant control stuff that automatically moves. Voluntary muscle you can control like your skeletal muscle. Involuntary muscles you cant control like cardiac and smooth muscles.

Other Systems My system Works With

There are a lot of systems that the muscular system works with here, are three Excretory, Endocrine and Digestive system . For Digestive system something in common is that all of the stomach is smooth muscle. For Endocrine something in common is that your adrenal glands give energy to your muscles. For Excretory system something in common is that when your blood gets cleaned from the kidney then it goes back to your heart which is your cardiac muscle. One system that the muscular system doesn’t work with is the immune system because , it doesn’t have anything to do with any type of muscle. Not only does the muscular system work by itself it also works with other systems. Also we don’t work with the reproductive system. The skeletal and muscular involve movements. The circulatory system system has three main blood vessels which leads to the heart.



The muscular system has different types of diseases. For example myophaties , it’s a disorder to your muscles . Another example is muscular dystrophy which makes your muscles more weak. To stay healthy you shouldn’t smoke because it could make your lungs turn black. Don’t touch or scratch another person because they could have a disease . Diseases are many ways for people to die. Please Check My Web